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Villa Home Inspections brings licensed experience to termite inspections in Weehawken and the surrounding Hudson & Bergen County NJ area. Termites can do a great deal of damage to a property or home, so knowing whether or not they are hiding somewhere will help to prevent potential damage. Villa is educated on termites, particularly on how to find them if they are in your home.

Termites In Your Hudson & Bergen County NJ Home

In NJ there are two different types of termite, one is the ‘subterranean termite’ and the other, the ‘dry wood termite’. The subterranean termite can live in soil and it will enter the home via foundation or plumbing openings; whereas, dry wood termites post up and live in wood; most often they are found in an attic or in the rafters. Both types of termites present clues that a licensed termite inspector will be well-versed in identifying.

These small insects are capable of causing a lot of damage and in some cases even more than a flood or a hurricane. Albeit potentially severe, termite damage to a home may NOT be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Ask your insurance agent about Termite damage coverage, and also look to get early detection via termite inspection in order to eliminate any related costly repairs to a home. Villa Home Inspections provides a thorough termite inspection and we will also recommend reputable exterminators, when necessary.

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Villa Home Inspections offers 20 years+ of experienced service. Your termite inspector should offer a thorough analysis on whether or not termites are in your home, including the extent of their existence. Knowing a property is wood-destroying insect-free is not only important for existing homeowners but new property buyers as well. Villa Home Inspections is a ‘wood destroying insect inspector’ and a ‘certified master inspector,’ so if you suspect termites, contact us today about a NJ termite inspection!

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