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Our mold inspection & indoor air quality testing services offer Hudson County and surrounding NJ-based property owners ‘peace of mind’! Important: we are NOT mold remediators, so there is NO ‘conflict of interest’ here!

Generally speaking, black mold is the most common and easily detected; whereas, the invisible types of mold are not so easily detected and they do pose a significant threat. When invisible mold reproduces, the spores can be inhaled completely unnoticed.

In fact, mold often goes unnoticed in homes & buildings. Living beneath flooring or hiding in the walls, mold can even float in a property’s air. Undetected, it can reproduce, grow and increase its’ inherent danger to the health of those who frequent a property. Mold will thrive in damp environments and, while it is not necessarily a threat to everyone, for many it will trigger allergies, breathing problems, and even severe health issues.

Mold Sampling & Inspection Hudson County NJ

When mold is clearly present or thought to be present, then sampling should be ordered. If mold is ever cleaned or remediated, mold testing should be considered in order to check that it has not returned. Sampling surface areas after infected areas have been cleaned can offer residents some certainty for safe conditions. As certified mold testing professionals, we are trained to follow strict guidelines!

When hired, we will come & collect various samples for the different kinds of mold that can exist. All samples are then brought in for analysis to determine whether or not mold exists. If so, we will be able to disclose what kind of mold there is and what a home or property owner’s necessary next steps are for remediation.

Obviously, the health of occupants is the reason for testing. Villa Home Inspections intends to answer all questions related to mold in your home and to put any concerns to rest! Get in touch to learn more about our certified mold testing services in Hudson County and the surrounding areas of New Jersey.

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mold inspections hudson county njIf you are renting, buying, or selling a home or property, allow Villa Home Inspections to give you some ‘peace of mind’. We bring a detail-oriented, educated, and experienced approach to all our Hudson County NJ Mold Inspections.

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