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We provide mold inspection and indoor air quality testing services for property owners in Weehawken, all Hudson CountyBergen County and surrounding NJ towns. We promise peace of mind! We are not mold remediators so there is no ‘conflict-of-interest when you come to us as a NJ mold inspector!

Generally speaking, black mold is the most common and easily detected type of microscopic fungi, whereas the invisible types of mold are not so easily detected, and they do pose a significant threat. When invisible mold reproduces, the spores can be inhaled completely unnoticed.

Mold often goes unnoticed within homes and buildings. Mold can hide under flooring and in walls. It can also float in the air of a property. Untreated, mold can grow, reproduce and pose a danger to the health of anyone who lives in the property. Mold thrives in damp environments. While it isn’t necessarily dangerous for everyone, many people will experience allergies, asthma, or severe health problems as a result.

Mold spores require water to grow. Damp areas and mold exposure high water traffic areas like your kitchen or bathroom can lead to mold contamination. Mold Growth problems are most often caused by excess water. You can control mold problems in bathrooms caused by steam by wiping down the walls of the shower and using an exhaust fan while showering.

If mold problems are not easily traced back to a leak, it’s a good idea to inspect the building to find the source of the water. Mold removal can then be done once the problem is fixed.

Impact on your Health

Mold can pose a serious health problem. It isn’t known how much mold can cause health problems. There are a few things that can be done to determine if there is an increased risk of developing health problems. These factors include the health of the person who was exposed to the mold, as well as the extent and condition of the mold growth. Pre-existing conditions such as asthma or emphysema may increase the risk. Exposure can have adverse effects on health for people with allergies, lung conditions like asthma and emphysema. Mold exposure can also pose a risk to infants and elderly, who are at higher risk for developing health problems.

Mold Inspection | Hudson And Bergen County NJ

When mold is clearly present or thought to be present, then sampling should be ordered. If mold is ever cleaned or remediated, mold testing should be considered afterward as well in order to check that it has not returned. Sampling surface areas after infected areas have been cleaned can offer residents some certainty of safe conditions. As certified NJ mold testing professionals, we are trained to follow strict guidelines!

When hired, we will come & collect various samples of the different kinds of mold that can exist. All samples are then brought in for analysis to determine whether or not mold exists. If so, we will be able to disclose what kind of mold there is and what a home or property owner’s necessary next steps are for remediation.

Obviously, the health of occupants is the reason for testing. Villa Home Inspections intends to answer all questions related to mold in your home and to put any concerns to rest! Get in touch to learn more about our certified mold testing services in Weehawken and the surrounding Hudson County and Bergen County NJ area.

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