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Villa Home Inspections utilizes a drone to collect visual data on the condition of a property, home, or building. Drones helphome inspector bergen county nj inspectors gather data in places where they might not otherwise be able to access or, worse, have to place themselves in danger to access. Where things need to be seen more clearly from above, drones are invaluable. Drones make the inspection process more cost-effective. Using a drone for the inspection of a home not only documents the work of the inspector, but the data collected can also be used for insurance claims.

When Are Drones Used in Home Inspections?

Inspecting a roof is a prime example of where a drone is used and the inspector can gather data safely. Getting an aerial view of property including trees and other foliage, boundary fencing, drainage, etc. is easily accomplished with the use of a drone. Adding an infrared thermal camera makes the effectiveness of using a drone even more accurate.

A drone is a handy tool for examining a chimney. If the construction of a chimney is faulty or in need of repair, a drone can show this to an inspector. Broken or soot clogged chimneys can be a danger to homeowners and the information gathered with a drone can help prevent problems.

Drones can be used to inspect crawl spaces, where inspectors can’t fit or where they encounter elements that are undesirable. The use of a drone for this kind of inspection is safer, cleaner, and just as effective as crawling in there. This is an instance where an infrared thermal camera could add to the accuracy of the inspection report.

If inspecting a large property, or one with a view, a drone can make the scope of the photographs so much larger and more useful. This type of drone photography is much appreciated by the homeowner.  Home inspections with the use of drones is very practical.


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