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home inspections hudson county njAt Villa Home Inspections, we offer ‘Certified Master Inspector’ services throughout Weehawken and Hudson County NJ.

For over 20 years, we have conducted the most thorough home inspections and building inspections, including specialized oil tank sweep, mold, radon, termite inspections and video sewer inspections. And our detailed commercial building inspections are backed by a unique set of experience!

We are based in Weehawken; you can trust Villa Home Inspections with all your Weehawken and Hudson County NJ inspector needs!

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Weehawken is a township located in the norther part of Hudson County, New Jersey.  As of the 2018 census it has a population of approximately 14,864 citizens.  Although the area known as Weehawken has a history as early as the 17th cenury, it was formed as a township in 1859 by an act of the New Jersey Legislature.  Its name is thought to be from the Algonquin language Lenape spoken by the Hackensack and the Tappan.  Various translations are “maize land”,  “place of gulls”, “rocks that look like trees” and even “at the end”.  Weehawken is bordered by the Hudson County munisipalities of Hoboken, Union City and West New York.  

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