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home inspections hudson county njAt Villa Home Inspections, we offer ‘Certified Master Inspector’ services throughout East Rutherford and Bergen County NJ.

For over 20 years, we have conducted the most thorough home inspections and building inspections, including specialized oil tank sweep, mold, radon, termite inspections and video sewer inspections. And our detailed commercial building inspections are backed by a unique set of experience!

You can trust Villa Home Inspections with all your East Rutherford and Bergen County NJ inspector needs!

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East Rutherford is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey.  As of the 2020 census it has a population of approximately 9,707. It was originally incorporated in 1889 as “Boiling Springs Township”.  In 1894 the Borough of East Rutherford was created, and while there was no change to its borders the name and form of government were changed.  East Rutherford became a borough during the year of the “boroughitis” phenomenon that swept Bergen County in which 26 municipalities were formed as boroughs.  Its name is derived from John Rutherford, a U.S. Senator who owned land in the area, and after whom the borough of Rutherford was also named.  East Rutherford is directly east of Rutherford.  East Rutherford is bordered by the Bergen County municipalities of Carlstadt, Wallington and Rutherford.  

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